This is a resource for all of the weapons developers of the KF community. As I'm sure all content creators are aware, almost everything is a group effort and can't be done alone.
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 i got few weapon ideas

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PostSubject: i got few weapon ideas    Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:45 am

so i got few weapon ideas but i dont know if they can be made or they are just stupid, one is better bow got second abilitie is poison bow,
and poison guns enmmies loses their health when got shot and better lvl faster they die in it, and medic uses take out normal grandes out replaces healing grandes comes out green
smoke heals everyone in it, i dont know but those are my ideas, anybody can make guns i dont know how make them
and i got perk idea Pistol's Expert or Secondary Expert
thank you for listening to this
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i got few weapon ideas
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